Manufacturer philosophy

Design and drafting elegant lace to perfection


After completely removing any dust or oil, lace piece is dyed a color according to client’s specification.
Color data is managed through a computer color matching program so that all plants can reproduce the designated colors.


After dyeing and bleaching treatments, this process gives the lace the appropriate texture as well as the specified resin treatment.
In particular, as Leavers lace is formed from twisting of yarns, it has a tendency to always curve in a certain direction.
This curve is corrected without damage to the piece, while resin treatments are done.

Separating (Cutting)

A high-speed perfecter machine devides the lace piece into the final product width.

Inspection and Testing

Greige inspection is done in the aspect of missing yarns, pattern quality etc once producing lace piece.

After dyeing and tentering, we inspect if the piece satisfies quality standard such as appearance, tests on dyeing result and so on. Finally, experienced inspectors check final product on all necessary points even seriously.

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