Manufacturer Philosophy

The internal parts production

The only internal parts production in the world, in an endless pursuit of quality
Qingdao Sakae Lace has inherited the legacy of Leavers lace production technology.

In 1995, Sakae Lace bought parts manufacturing equipment from the last remaining Leavers parts manufacturing company in its homeland of England. We began the only internal production of Leavers machine parts in the world at Qingdao Sakae Lace in Shandong, China.

The parts plant not only produces parts, but also makes repairs and fine adjustments to parts corresponding to the condition of the delicate Leavers machines and new designs.

Sakae Lace examines materials, implements elaborate and complex manufacturing processes, conducts inspections and then makes repairs and fine adjustments.
These tasks are sustained by constant efforts, technical skill and superb perception required of our expert technicians.

Our parts plant has not only increased the precision of the parts themselves, but also the precision of Leavers lace machines and leads in even more quality improvememt of Leavers lace production.