Manufacturer philosophy

Design and drafting elegant lace to perfection

Yarn twisting

Yarn treatments from examination of raw materials to advanced treatments.

Sakae Lace Group understands the importance of yarn treatments that effect a lace's quality. Test, reseach, and development of yarn and twisting treatments all take place within our Group.

Preparation (bobbin,carriage,beaming etc.)

Preparations are necessary to set up the lace machine.
Especially in Leavers machine, great deal of time is required to bobbin winding and carriage setting.
A series of careful preparations are a prerequisite to the smooth operation of intricate lace machines.

Machine weaving, knitting, embroidery

The intricacy of Leavers lace machines enable the weaving of elaborate detail.

Leavers lace machines control more than 20,000 yarns accurately and produce elegant lace.

Leavers lace machines themselves are considered valuable property.
Because of this, the most difficult yet important task is machine maintenance as well as the preparations and adjustments required to change patterns, as the condition of the machines, the weather on a particular day, and the selection of yarn to be used can all have significant influence for operations.
Constant and careful attention is given to these machine refinements by expert technicians who have their cultivated unique know-how over many years.

Stable production enabled of Jacquardtronic Raschel

Raschel lace was developed in the pursuit of Leavers lace. While it does not attain the quality of Leavers lace, the Jacquardtronic Raschel machine has been perfected. The knitting processes are all controlled by computer and it runs more high speed than Leavers machines.